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Nicholas A. Mattia, D.D.S.P.C.

Dr Mattia has been a practicing dentist on Staten Island for over 26 years. Dr Mattia has his undergraduate degree at Wagner College, and doctorate at NYU School of Dentistry.

Dr Mattia's newly renovated office is located at 694 Forest Avenue, in the West Brighton section of Staten Island. It is equipped with the latest technology available. Along with the latest technology equipment and experience staff, Dr Mattia and his staff, can deliver any phase of dentistry from a simple cleaning to a complete full mouth rehabilitation.

With the advent of implants, we are now able to replace teeth and secure loose dentures which was not possible before.

Please give us a call, or contact us via email for more information.
(718) 442-8440 | TJM@DrMattiaDDS.com

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